Root Canal Therapy

At McCullough Dental Centre we want to get a few things straight about root canal therapy…

Root canal therapy has a negative reputation as a painful treatment however with modern technology this is not the case. McCullough Dental Centre in Sunnybank offer root canal therapy to help relieve pain and discomfort by removing the problem. The main reason why anyone would need to receive a root canal therapy treatment is because their tooth is in pain, and root canal therapy might be the only thing preventing that tooth from being extracted. Root canal therapy has been used as a means to restore the health of the tooth and remove internal infection for many years


What exactly is ‘root canal therapy’?

A root canal therapy treatment is a very comprehensive treatment used to clean the inside of your tooth. The infected pulp is removed from the tooth so that the tooth is no longer at risk of further infection. The tooth pulp can become infected when the inside of the tooth is exposed to bacteria. This infection causes the pain you experience. The  root canal treatment seeks to remove the infected pulp, sterilise the canal, and then seal the root canal with a filling material.

What can happen if I do not get a root canal therapy?

Unfortunately, if you are at the stage where you are suffering from pulpitis (pain) and you so choose not to receive a root canal therapy treatment then you might be saying goodbye to your tooth.

At McCullough Dental Centre we help patients keep their teeth with root canal therapy…

At McCullough Dental Centre we are here to make your root canal therapy go as smoothly as possible so that we can relieve your symptoms of pain and discomfort in no time at all.

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