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At what age should I bring my child to visit the McCullough Dental Centre?

From our experience, we find that the best age to bring children in to visit us at our practice is around the age of three. By bringing your child to our practice we can assess your kid’s oral health. We can apply preventive techniques to help your child’s oral development. With younger children it is also easier to teach them good oral health habits earlier in life which can make a huge difference to their later development.

Why do I need root canal therapy?

If our dentists have discussed our root canal therapy treatment with you it is more than likely because your tooth is or is at risk of dying. This usually occurs when the tooth pulp is infected by bacteria. The tooth pulp is the soft tissue inside the tooth that houses the nerve endings and supplies nutrients to the tooth. By having a root canal treatment, the tooth pulp will be cleaned from your affected tooth thus maintaining your tooth.

My gums bleed when I brush is this normal?

Bleeding gums are never a good sign and are definitely not a normal occurrence. Bleeding gums indicate that your gums are not healthy due to the presence of plaque and scale. Make sure you brush right down to the gum margin and floss daily to remove all the plaque. The bacteria in the plaque cause a superficial infection in the gums called gingivitis and this is why they bleed when you brush. The presence of calculus or scale prevents complete plaque removal and requires professional removal.

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For which sports would a mouth guard be suitable for protecting my mouth?

Mouthguards are suitable for most sports. Contact sports such as football, rugby, martial arts and boxing, collision sports such as netball, hockey, basketball, water polo, lacrosse, baseball, softball, soccer and water sports. IT is wise to wear a mouthguard in any sport where your mouth is at risk of truama. Remember to also wear your mouthguard when training as accidents can occur at any time.

Can babies get tooth decay?

Anyone can become susceptible to developing tooth decay even in infancy and childhood. If your child is experiencing early forms of tooth decay (discolouration of the tooth surface) then it is important to book them in for a professional check-up.

Why do I need my wisdom teeth out?

In many people there is insufficient room for the wisdom teeth to erupt properly. In these situations it is wise to remove the wisdom teeth while the roots have not formed completely. If not removed then they can cause infection in the overlying soft tissue resulting in pain and swelling. If angled (impacted) against the tooth in front they can lead to decay in this area. The position of the wisdom teeth make it very difficult to clean properly.


What is the difference between a crown and a filling?

The major difference between a crown and a filling is that a filling is used to fix minor dental caries and tooth decay while crowns are used to restore a major portion of the tooth. The process of making a crown is decisively more complicated than making a filling.

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