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At McCullough Dental Centre in Sunnybank we are dedicated to providing you with the best information and care online…

We are dedicated to ensuring our patients are fully informed about oral health, how the mouth works and how their dental treatments help benefit their health. To streamline your questions and to make fact finding easier for you we have compiled a FAQ and Media Centre for your own perusal. Our FAQs hold our most frequently asked questions with answers from our established dentists. Our media centre can keep you up to date on all the latest news in dentistry from our Sunnybank dental practice.

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Dentistry is very complicated but together we can make dental care and oral hygiene an enjoyable experience for both our older and younger patients. At your first consultation you become one of our patients; and we are dedicated to providing our patients with fresh knowledge, understandable practices and easy ways to ensure you can keep your oral hygiene optimal with none of the fuss.

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